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Stian Carstensen / accordion

Stian Carstensen (born 1971 in Eidsvoll) is a Norwegian jazz- and folk-musician, renowned as one of the country’s foremost multi-instrumentalists –accordion, guitar, kaval, gaida and banjo are just some his instruments. He is a winner of Spellemannprisen (Norway’s “Grammy Awards”) and features prominently on numerous recordings, sometimes working as a producer and arranger too. His 2005 record Rose Room (with Jimmy Rosenberg) was nominated for Spellemannprisen, and his composition “Hymn for the Elevation of the Accordion” that same year was a great success. 

However, Stian had originally wanted to be an architect but he kept forgetting to draw in supporting beams, so music beckoned! As a child, he learnt from his grandfather and father, and toured North Dakota in1982 with his own melody «If I Only Could Get a Little Lefse». In 1983, he made his TV debut on a popular show for young people. After a period exploring the metal genre, he attended Viken Folk High School, followed by guitar studies on the jazz programme of the Conservatory of Music in Trondheim (1989-92). It was here in 1991 that he also formed the quintet Farmers Market which has subsequently released several records such as Speed/Balkan/Boogie (1995) Music from the Hybrides (1997) Farmers Market (2000) Surfin’ USSR (2008) and Slav to the Rhytyhm (2012) –the latter two both winning the open category of Spellemannprisen. 

After being awarded a state grant for artists in order to study Bulgarian polyphony, Stian has subsequently pursued his desire to combine different musical traditions with study trips to India, USA and England, and has used musicians from these places in concert settings as well as on recordings. When Norway’s national broadcaster NRK commissioned a new national anthem in 2008, Stian wrote both music and lyrics for the march «Ja, Noorge» [Yes, Noorway] – a humorous encapsulation of Norway’s history in five verses, starting with the Ice Age and ending with a verse about Big Brother! It premiered on 17th May 2008, performed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, the choir Oslo Fagottkor and actor Bjarte Hjelmeland as soloist.  

A resident of Eidsvoll, Stian is an honorary member of Eidsvoll Jazz Club, and is well-known for his popular «Pre-Christmas Jazz with Stian Carstensen». A unique and multifaceted artist indeed!


Fjord Classics Performances:


Sandefjord Church, 15:00



friday 30th June (k12)
- Balkanised

Sandar Church, 15:00

BALKAN fantasy


sunday 2nd July (k19)
- Vienna Kaleidoscope

Sandefjord Church, 13:00